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The Hyacinth Girl

'You gave me hyacinths first a year ago. They call me the hyacinth girl.'

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I'm a Pakistani girl obsessed with CSI, Greg Sanders and The Love. I am very much family obsessed (family including all my various kitty cats!) and I am an aspiring vet. I was born in Boston, but I moved to my homeland Pakistan when I was only two months old. I'd love to study at Texas A&M University (because it's awesome!). I love writing fiction and fanfiction, and poetry! I spent most of my day on fanfiction.net or fictionpress.com, where I read and write. I adore poetry, and I dote over really good novels. My favourite poet is T.S. Eliot, (Prufrock all the way!) and I love Tennyson, Wilfred Owen, Dylan Thomas and Robert Frost. I am a music snob, I can't stand bad music (i.e. Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, anything Disney oriented, and pretty much the entire Top 40). I adore kitteh cats, and have too many to count. I love History, Literature, but I get the grades in everything else too. I would like to take a course in Creative Writing when I'm older, and maybe publish some of my short stories and poetry. I also have a novel milling about in my head, so maybe I'll write that out too. I'm pretty lazy where just about everything is concerned, but I make it work. I love writing letters, even though email is obviously faster (and lamer). I don't really like movies or tv, except for a few exceptions (aka CSI!). I love Eric Szmanda, and he's been my sole celebrity crush for the last six years. I'm too lazy to write anything more about myself so yeah. Anyway, byee!!! <3